Monday, September 21, 2015


Singing the Chilean songs
I WAS IN THE 8TH BIGGEST EARTHQUAKE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! AND IT WAS CRAZY! Haha so whats up fammmm! This week has been so crazy, all started with a mission wide conference and the earthquake. We had the conference wednesday morning with the whole mission and that never happens. Elder Viñas (area conselor/  of the 70) was there and it was awesome. Then during lunch some youth from a couple stakes came and danced the cueca which is the national chilean dance. The Hermana Videla (presidents wife) has been telling us that we need emergency backpacks and that day she talked about them again! Then we went home and we were going to the church to teach a lady who is really awesome but cant have us in her house for some problems with her landlord and we were opening the door with the key and it starts to shake. It felt like just a strong quake which happens a lot (like 4 or 5 on the ricter scale) but it went really long and we filmed it! We shut the church, go look for the lady that was coming to meet with us and found a member in the street. She looked on her phone and said that it was a real earthquake and it was 8.4 on the ricter scale!!!! then the best pàrt, we went back to the church and taught the lesson haha! there were a ton of after shocks (there still are, there was one 10 minutes ago) and we had a really great lesson with her and she wants to get baptised next month!
Then the next few days we had Chile´s nation holiday (like 4th of july) and we were eating so many BBQs and stuff haha. It is slow for the missionaries but still kinda fun. And we just were able to teach some haitians (we were all foreigners haha) and spend time with the members. In the party at the church, we sang some cuecas (chilean songs that they dance too) and it was rediculous but really fun! Our ward mission leader Hermano Normabuena plays guitar really well! It was fun. Then Sunday we were able to have a lesson with the little kid of a family of member but the kid isnt baptised so he will be baptised soon! 
I love you guys, dont worry, we are all good with the earthquake. the lights were cut for one night and the gas for a day but nothing happened. we live on the fifth floor and we feel the after shocks all the time but all is well! 
Elder Farnsworth

Sorry mom ill try to send more pics.....

after the earthquake...the refrigerator moved from the wall!

No lights after the earthquake!

         A picture with part of the zone on Cerro Renca a hill close. We hiked it this morning

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