Monday, August 17, 2015

Que Pasa?

que pasa fam bam?
So thats sweet about Sid´s friend. Dont think ill be able to go to the temple unless we can go with a convert or to do a tour with investigators but that would be hard to plan. Told Sid that the best thing would just be the office, thats kinda the instructions we received. Not that far from the Temple either (he can just go in the Subway). But if its too hard, dont worry about it. Oh and i finally got the package mom, that book you made is so awesome! i was stoked i love you guys! Also excited news about the temple too, the temple president asked Presidente Videla to let us go to the temple more often so now we can go once a transfer if we want!! How it works is that every last week of the transfer, we will have Pday on tuesday to go to musuems or the zoo or go to the temple! So thats gonna be sweet! And thats so awesome about Jacob Zitar and Isaac im legit so happy. I love them and i love how awesome this church is. Nothing else could make people this happy. We have transfers next week! I think my comp is leaving but we will see! 
So this we taught a sweet family for the first time. In exchanges like last week with the zone leaders, Elder Pope contacted someone with a Rubiks cube cause he knows how to do it really fast. The guy told us to come over some other night and then this week we went with Elder Simmons. They are really awesome and we were praying for a family. (i was inspired by my brother Ammon for that one thanks Am love you!) So we will have to overcome some obstacles but they seem awesome, and any new person is a good thing for us in this moment. 
In the church, we heard a story about a silversmith telling a person how silver is purified. It needs to be put in the hottest fire and left there until the imperfections are burned out. Then, in just the right moment, not to short because it wouldnt get rid of all the imperfections, not too long because it would destroy the silver, the silver is taken out of the fire. The other person asked how he knew when it was ready, and the silver smith said that when he could see his reflection in the silver, it was ready. God has us in the fire to purify us and we need to have these trials. We are truly ready when christ´s reflection is in our face. We will change ourselves until we become like Christ. I loved that story. I am trying to accept all the trials that come to me because i know they will change me for good. I know this church is true and that it is the only thing that truly matters. I love you all and hope that you all have the same hope. 
Elder Farnsworth

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