Monday, August 24, 2015

So i stayed with Elder Simmons! ITs gonna be a fun change hahaha and his old comp Elder Cooper is now our zone leader and i know him well too!
Wow congrats to Isaac and Katie and Alli for all that stuff thats happening. 
So this week elder simmons got bit by a dog....but not that bad haha but we had to go to the Clinic..but the office elders took us in their car and i love them so it was at least fun..but Elder simmons is fine dont worry. hahah. We had a decent amount of lessons for our sector and a lot of people went to church. We finally put someone with a baptismal date for the first time in a while and he accepted really fast! hes really willing he just has to change a lot of things in his life! A less active family that we are visiting went to the church with their daughter that hasnt gone for a long time! And one morning we helped this Sister move some stuff (just carrying it like a couple streets over in our hands) and then later in the day we helped a random lady wash her car, and gave a older lady a blessing. It was such a fun day to be just doing straight up service. I love service, and the worst part of the mission is walking all day and people dont let you help when you are so willing to help and to teach them the gospel. But it is all worth it when they just let you do it. I love the mission even though it is really hard! 
Elder Farnsworth

 our zone leader Elder Johnson from Lehi Utah!! But he wants to live in Arizona!! haah always says hes gonna get married in the Gilbert temple!

My old comp Elder Pinilla found root beer and bought me one! so i made a float!!

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