Monday, August 10, 2015

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

Wow so the whole family is up in Idaho this week! Haha and my comps family is at lake powell so you guys just kind of traded. The pictures were really fun to see! Id love to go visit there after! Just not during winter haha! We gotta come to Chile during winter because they are in summer :) But ya, this week it rained a hasnt hardly rained the whole year and now it rained more than it has rained for like 15 years. It started Wednesday and we were in an exchange. We walked the whole day in the rain and finally it stopped and we finally entered a house..haha. But we finished the exchange the next morning and we were walking back to their house early (it had rained all night long) and it was raining. The streets were filled with water and mud and they were like rivers! it was crazy im serious. So our district leader called us (i was with one of the zone leaders) and said that the President told them to tell us that we cant leave for the day. Well we were already outside so we just continued to get to the zone leader´s house. A taxi saw us trying to cross a street filled with water and picked us up! He took us to their house and i legit felt like i was in the Preach My Gospel story (sorry if you dont know it, go read preach my gospel haha missionaries should know what im talking about) and he didnt even want money but Elder Pope (ZL from Arizona!) gave him 1000 pesos (like less than 2 dollars). He was really nice but didnt want anything because he was catholic..So we just stayed in the ZL´s house until lunch and couldnt work the whole day. Luckily we live on the 5th floor so its never gonna flood haha! Dont worry.
This week we also had Zone Conference (random fact, we can now play soccer again!) haha but it was a really good conference and they talked a lot about keeping the fruits of our labor and helping people go to the temple shortly after their baptism. President Videla showed the missionaries that taught and baptismed them 30 years ago. You guys dont know Paul Garner? Or someone Wilbur or something i dont remember haha. There wasnt much time to have normal work because of the rain and conference and other things but we had a few lessons. Its really weird going from my last sector with so much work to here were they are wondering what is happening because this sector has had low lessons for  like more than half a year now, even though we are working and trying everything. But it helps a lot with patience and diligence. I know we will eventually see results and fruits, im just waiting for the day. Time is going by too fast, cant believe im on the downhill. 
Love you all! Miss you! 
Elder Farnsworth

The same ''Cerro Renca'' with all the clouds one day and you cant even see the cross or the letters ''Renca La Lleva'' and then another day when the big letters that said ''Renca'' fell because of all the rain and wind!


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