Monday, October 13, 2014

First Baptism and Failed Tortillas

Hola familia!
Wowwwww so jealous oh rocky point. Thats so crazy with the rain! Ugh im so jealous haha. This family we are teaching here loves Mexico. Well the wife does and she heard that you guys were there and was super jealous too! But thank you for the photos, its almost like i was there! haha Im trying to download them to my camera some how but i dont know. I sent a photo of my failure to make tortillas. Too thick! oh well...
But for this week, we finally changed houses! We are so much closer to where we normally work now and its super nice. The Hermana that lives in front of us is so nice and made us empanadas and like everything. Also is asking what we need! its so awesome. I guess this week i hit 100 days in Chile? The Hunters sent me a letter that said Open the 10th! That was 100 days and it had Pop Rocks and Kool Aid which i shared with my comp cause hes never tried them! Thanks to you guys for that! And also i gave my first blessing in spanish ahh. It was to a baby. It was hard, like I felt the promptings of the Spirit of what to say, just my spanish kinda stopped it a little. I still know the blessing works on the faith so that is what is important. But this week was really cool because there is a member here from Brazil (he actually added me and Dad on facebook so accept his thing and go on mine and accept too!) but he didnt have work this week so he went with us every day! We have literally only lessons with member present! It was so cool to help him too because hes going to the temple super soon for the first time. 
I had a lot of water too this week, because we had a baptism!! My first one and I baptised him. His name is Miguel and he is 11 years old. When he finished his interview with our District leader, he was soooo happy and his cousin who is a little mentally and physically challenged was soo happy too and Ive never seen them like that. On Sunday (thats when the baptisms are here) he entered the water and was shaking. I thought ``oh great its cold...´´ but no it was really warm, he was just so nervous haha. But It was a really cool experience.  
Im really excited to keep progressing in my knowledge here and help more people. Its so rewarding when we see changes and help people in their life. Please, if you guys know the gospel is true, then you should know we need to do more. We need to have a desire to share with other and bring this happiness to them. Help the missionaries, and teach lessons with them! It helps so much. We need to welcome new people to the church and help those who have fallen away. Keep doing all the stuff you already are and more! Love you guys, enjoy your week! I pray for you guys and everyone back home every day!
Love Elder Farnsworth

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