Monday, October 20, 2014

Hola familia! 
HECK YA IM SO STOKED FOR CHAD! El Salvador! With Will Bolby I think? Sweet! And the package thing you are saying sounds sketch, how can it come that fast. Speaking of which, my package that you sent a long time ago hasnt come still so i think this week. But whatever you want in that package! random candies or something that you got from mexico or i dont know! We have two more weeks until transfers. And thats weird about the photo you put! Vanesa one could be a youth in the ward but i dont know how they would find it and i dont know who the kid is haha. Gilson told me that a whole bunch of people were posting. He knows a little bit of english so you can try to talk to him haha and dad can talk to him in spanish. 
But this week kinda sucked cause we were sick! But just a little bit, like a sore throat and head ache. But Im good now! We didnt have like anything exciting happen execpt we had to return the boot to the doctor at the CCM and we ate lunch there for old times sake and I talked with Hermano Spolmann my old teacher! He passed his english test with really high marks for BYU so hes probably going to go in January! Alli and Katie need to find him a wife haha hes so cool! And we had Zone Conference which was really long again but we got more advice and everything to help our ward and members. 
We focused on two families this week that are really progressing. They both went to church and one of the families wants to get baptised and go to the temple and everything really bad, they just need to get married so we are working with that. They will be so strong when they start living right. The husband is reading like 20 pages of the Book of Mormon a night and is in Mosiah already. And he wanted a Gospel Principals books and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith. Literally just need to get married and change a few things. Its so cool their testimony now. Before they would say that they would never get baptised but they liked us so they let us in. Now it has changed so much. I love working with people here. Its so hard sometimes because people have really different beliefs, but they start to change little by little. We hope to have baptisms with both these families in the future and have two really strong families. Even with the sickness and everything, this week was still awesome because of what we are doing. We taught a class about missionary work (imagine that) and it is literally a commandment. If we arent doing it, you are being lazy and need to do something more. President George Albert Smith said that you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without having done missionary work. Think about it, if you have unlimited of something amazing, are you going to share it? Love the people around you enough to share the gospel.

On a funny note, we got our Zone t shirts from last change finally and they spelled my name wrong and the t shirts were horrible. We paid 10 mil which is basically 20 dollars. For a ironed on Nike symbol. Horrible.
I love you guys and hope all is well at home!
Elder Farnsworth

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