Monday, October 27, 2014

Ahhh hola familia,
Crazy with all the things that happened at home. Im so stoked for Ammon and would kill to go to the temple right now, let alone with my best friend for the first time. And Sage too, thats sick that hes home! Well sucks for him but haha its cool for everyone else. So you talked with Hermana Stanger? Shes in the office here haha shes the best, but shes going to finish her mission soon! And I emailed Chad and Hunter back! hopefully they got it by now...they celebrate Halloween here supposedly so we will see this week. But no trunk or treat thing here. well like nobody has cars but still, i think they should have something. 
This week we had to go to this super rich part of town for the German Clinic (thats how it translates haha) and there were like all imigrants from europe and stuff and nice cars so it felt super weird. But that was a bummer because It took like all day. Then on Wednesday in Clase de Distrito, we learned that we need to be patient, obiente, and diligent in our work here. This is obvious but its really hard to completely fulfill all three perfectly all the time. But if we do that, we will be doing the work how the Lord wants. 
I got the package! The best part is the Tabasco and Sour Patch haha! Nothing has flavor here compared to how im used to eating! I love it, thank you! And the stickers from Halloween are currently on my Comps scriptures hahah. He wants them there idk. 
This morning, i was listening to music and a song that was ``super mormon´´ came on and i taught my companion that expression Molly Mormon and Peter Priesthood that kids call people that are ``super mormon´´. I was thinking about how stupid it was and why kids are like that. Really these names are being the same as Alma and the sons of Mosiah early on and they are degrading and fighting against the church. We should be more like the sons of Mosiah after wards, and not use anything like this. Respect people that are doing more in the work of the Lord. Dont diss them because they are doing something better than you. Other one of my ``super mormon´´ songs hahah was talking about his mission and testimony. It says something like, my testimony isnt going to come in the mail with my call or on the airplane, but you have to do it now. Find your testimony now if you are thinking about a mission. Dont expect it to come, but do something so that it does come. This is what i was thinking about this morning haha but really, do it!
Ive grown so much already and I see the problems people have here. they need help, and I can help. Im selfish if i dont. Go out and do something good today.
Love you guys!
Elder Farnsworth

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