Monday, August 18, 2014

First Letter from the Field!

MOM! Hola holaaa..hahah when we greet people on the street, it is always 2 holas haha. Mannnn where do i start? I guess from 2 weeks ago. We had proseltismo in the CCM which was super cool. I went with 2 latinos to the Este mision for a couple of hours. But other wise the rest of the CCM was pretty chill. Just orientations and other stuff. I finished the Doctrine and Convenants there too! So basically all the Joseph Smith stuff with Pearl of Great Price that i finished like 4 weeks ago. We watched the Joseph Smith movie i dont know what it was but it was super cool that we got to watch it since I had been focusing on him so much in the CCM. But it was such a strong testimony builder of Him. I know he is a prophet with no doubt. 
We left for the mission after breakfast Tuesday and we met Presidente and his wife and the APs at the CCM! Presidente is so cool! I couldnt stop smiling in the interview with him cause he was just super cool. Then we like waited around forever and had a snack and then lunch. By the way, the snack is basically lunch and lunch is huge like bigger than our dinner. But they dont really eat dinner. We do but its called Once like 11 for some reason. But we eat lunch with the same members every day. But we pay them, its basically a restaurante. But anyways, we waited til our trainers came and im with Elder Sovero! Hes from Peru and has 13 months in the mission. How did you know i had a Latino? You wrote that you knew already.We are assigned to San Pablo Este Zona in Galvarino 1 Barrio with two other Elders in the ward. It is kinda like the south of our mission i think. But we live with the other two Elders cause the old house they stayed in is like super bad and has mold. But its so fun with 4 people. Just super cramped sometimes cause we have one bathroom. And it is tan frio in the mornings like super cold. No central heating at all. We have little heater plug in things. Oh but the house is on Mapocho Sur if you are trying to look it up. The other Elders are Elder Brady from Arizona in Queen Creek! and Elder Covinos from LA area who is super cool too. 
This week, we mainly focused on all these niƱos who are all like cousins and brothers and live together like 8 of these little kids plus the adults who we never seen and older kids in a little house. But we teach 4 of the kids (oldest 15 and youngest 8) and one other is already baptized. And some less active people and one old guy who we set a baptismal date the other day for. But he needs to stop smoking. And also we teach a english class every saturday which is funny cause i need to know more spanish but im teaching English. But actually the spanish is coming really well now. It was hard and it is still hard to understand many people. But there are many that i understand everything. And its hard to talk sometimes too but oh well.
On Friday, we had to return to the office for Fase 1 which is like another orientation all day. But it was alright and I got my package! So ill get packages and letters on Wednesday if there was any for that week. Send them all to the mission home and though USPS not FEDEX or not UPS or whatever else private ones. 
This Sunday was cool too. I had to present myself to the ward but that was all good. We gave a blessing to this older man who has a lot of pain and is bedridden. I annoited the oil which i didnt know how to do in spanish but i figured it out haha. Then we had a Noche de Hogar with a part member less active family and taught the Restauraccion to them. It went well except the father doesnt want to accept the information. Hopefully he will pray and read because other wise he isnt going to find out. But no, all is super bien right now. We are cleaning and moving stuff around in the house after this. I might send a photo of our house as of this morning its pretty comical. Oh and the other fotos are of me and Hermano Spolmann the best teacher in the CCM and me and Elder Sovero!
Love you !! Miss you all
Elder Farnsworth
4 Elders in a room= a mess!

Hermano Spolmann- CCM Teacher

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