Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Feliz cumpleaños papá te amo mucho aun en tu vejez jaja celebra tu día y tambien tu vitoria del año de trabajo!
The english classes keep going, but this week there were only 5 people because it rained a ton and Chile kind of shuts down when i rains. And ya elder Pinilla went home a long time ago. Elder Williams is about to go home and the rest of my companions are in the mission. Wow Zach left right before me right? They give us the travel plans too but i think it is in the last transfer. 
This week like i said, it rained a ton. Its kind of getting cold. Some days have been cold and now its warm. its the worst. The springs and autumns here have extreme temperture swings, not just general cool weather..But it was still pretty fun. a river that goes through Santiago over filled but im not anywhere close to there so...we just have a few streets in Batuco that are filled with water. There isnt a lot of drains here. We decided to leave the bike a few of these days to talk and contact more people and almost got to 100 contacts in the week but the last night it was raining a lot and nobody was in the street or coming to the door so we called an investigator and went over there. It was pretty fun the whole week. I do get a lot more tired walking now that im used to the bike but its all good haha! And today we just cleaned the house..boring but theres not much to do here. Now our little cave is nice and clean. 
Sorry, cant really remember anything else specific but we have been relistening to the conference talks and there are so many good messages and i am especially grateful for this conference probably more than any other year, really understandng the messages and listening to them a lot. 
Love you all. see you in 2 months haha
Elder Farnsworth

Oh ya, the Sister missionaries in the branch had some baptisms and the guy that was going to baptism them couldnt come so they called us right before church to see if we could do it. So that was fun. Selfie with mah boy halter

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