Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yes mom i got the package. Yes mom i ate all of it within the first 4 days. Sorry. There just arent jelly beans and jerky here (well they arent the same). Wow so this week was cool. The main highlights were Zone Conference and starting English class!
So Thursday we got up and luckily a member took us on the way to work to Quilicura (to my old church building!) where we had the Conference. It was a good day and we learned a lot. I got to see Elder Simmons who is the Asistent to President now! and Elder Paredes and some other people. And since we have it every other change, all the people who are leaving and this change and the next one (me) give their last testimony. I was the very last person..haha it was awesome though. Then trying to come back we kind of got lost finding where to take the bus and i saw 3 people i know from Quilicura! 
On Saturday we had English Class. They have a Facebook page for batuco citizens and Nayareth (a convert) helped us by putting the announcement up. There were 25 people in the class! it was legit ive never had a class that big. only like 10 people max. But hopefully this is the key to get confidence here in this little town haha now a lot of people have been in the church and know what it looks like at least. 
Last night we went to this other town to do a baptismal interview for 2 investigators of the sister missionaries. The only problem was it was night and we were told the dad was going to take us home in stead of going in bus 40 to 60 minutes. But the dad only took us to the highway where we waited for a bus at like 10 oclock hahahaahaha it was an adventure we got home without a problem. Tired but todo bien. 
Love you guys, love this church like always and i know it is true. There is no doubt no way that its wrong and i hope all of you can know that too. 
Elder Farnsworth

Pday with the Zl and Elder Terry from my group and Elder Mackay
Photo with Maxi who is going on the mission sometime this year but he broke his wrist this week ...ha

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