Monday, February 1, 2016

What up fam bam, So this week was pretty chill. Batuco is tough not gonna lie, and we have the whole town when 4 missionaries used to be here but its better because there arent that many people to visit. We had problems with our investigators, one left us, another is working way too much, another is out of town, one we left because she doesnt really understand why we are going and she doesnt really want to learn and so on. But we tried to talk with as many people as possible to invite them to the activity that we had on Saturday. We watched meet the mormons. We ended up contacting 100 people in the week when the goal is 70! so that was something at least haha. I have a strong testimony of the blessings received for being diligent. Contacts dont really get investigators..but i know the Lord blesses us when we do them haha. Thats what happened in my last second with 2 baptisms. But we worked so hard, long days, luckily a teenager from the branch was willing to go along with us and he talked with literally everyone he saw haha hes gonna be a boss missionary some day. We were stoked for the activity thinking at least 1 investigator had to show up. Not 1 was there...but quite a few members and it was still really good! But, heres the good part. On sunday, we go to pick a inactive member up that wanted to go for the first time in many many years and he wasnt there. We get to the church and we are talking with the members and we sit down. The meeting starts, and a girl walks in and sits close to us (we dont have pews, just plastic chairs and she sat in the same row). I shook her hand and asked her name. I asked if she was a member and she said it was the first time she had gone to our church but she had a friend that taught her a few years back. She wanted to go to church a little while back so she called this friend that used to teach her years ago. He is now unfortunately inactive and she decided to go alone. We are going to teach her this week with a member! It was so sweet! and another referral we received from a member told us 2 weeks ago that she was gonna call us when we could go (which normally means they arent that interested) but this morning she called and asked us to go over on thursday!! She already has a Book of Mormon and is reading it!! Batuco turned cool this week haha this next change is gonna be legit. Its all about working with the members seriously. we cant do it alone. I love the work and my Savior and all of you!
Elder Farnsworth
Mi hijo elder haltercito

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