Monday, January 25, 2016

Hey family after 2 weeks haha.
So this week was kind slow..but good. We had zone conference and now its going to be every other transfer so next zone conference i have to give my last i dont want that to come. Then we had the world wide broadcast. It was sweet, it wasnt much new stuff but they explained the stuff so well that it helped me understand at least. They talked about how we can help the peolpe repent and really be converted to Christ and the role of the Holy Ghost. It is basically what we study in the Training book so we had gone over all of it reciently! Then we had some hard days. We had really high goals for contacts and finding people but we kind of failed. We went to a part pretty far from the town (like farm houses) and tried to contact but there was hardly anyone there. We did talk with some cool people though in the week. And one investigator that we were excited to start working with went on vacations and wont come back for like more than a month (typical thing to do during summer here)...
They asked to me speak (they called at like 9 before church that starts at 10) and the sister before me finish with 35 minutes left in the meeting so i thought i had to talk as much time as possible. i spoke for like 20 ish minutes or a little more and they finished the meeting. Later they told me that the counselor was preparing something to say but they thought it was going to be short (the first lady talked for like 8 minutes haha) but i just kept talking so he didnt need to talk ahhaah. i was just busting random stuff out about the atonement. Not that hard to talk about that! We had lunch with the branch president and he kept joking and teasing me that he was going to watch the cardinals game and i wasnt haha. We taught a lesson and at the end the investigator gave us a referral of his friend that just had a stomach operation so thats pretty chill i guess. Haha the 2 branchs here that meet together (Batuco and Valle Grande) and going to be seperated soon and we are going to be left with like 40 members or less in Batuco but its all good! We will just work hard to grow! Love you guys, its awesome being here in the mission. all of you preparing, prepare more. and if you arent sure, pray about it and get a strong testimony then just do it. Love this church and my Savior.
Elder Farnsworth

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