Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Great Week!

 So i told elder halter to send pictures but i failed and dont have any this week..too much hard work haha nah! But for real the week was super legit. We had all sorts of lessons with investigators and members helping us. thats the best, its so much easier. The members can explain better than us for whatever reason, because they live normal lives i guess. We are gonna have a baptism this week finally and we should have more to come in march hopefully. We gotta pick Batuco up and became a stake here in Colina! No i didnt see Samuel but that would be awesome. this week in church we had a family of investigators come for the first time they are so legit. The husband told us last night he asked about the church and what he should do and had a dream and feels like he should get baptised. And he was the one that told us that he didnt like going to any church or anything, just listening to the Word in his house. But now he went, loved it, his wife loves it, and his kids wanted to go back to primary. They are so legit, i cant wait for them to get sealed eventually haha. Thinking in the future.
We had some dumb lesson with this Christian guys that was trying to prove us wrong and all sorts of stuff. Before in my mission i got so heated and argued and tried to prove them wrong. Now i can stay calm and just testify and control the situation. There is no point in arguing, the Spirit leaves and nobody wins so we just have to leave. We are helping a guy get over some problems he is having with his family and he legit wants to get baptised and start over. I love this, we can just start over and be free of sin. Thats why i love baptism. Love all you guys!! Share the gospel with everyone, its free!! 
Elder Farnsworth

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