Monday, January 11, 2016

haha so thats some news but all good, one more week i have to be called Elder Farnsworth and have the authority to preach the gospel in CHILITO LINDO, 
This week was pretty legit. We started it off with a fat exchange with my dude Elder Clarin! You guys remember him? from safford? you met him in the airport. Hes my zone leader and that was legit. We had a ton of lessons and he teaches so well. After that we had district class on wednesday like always and a pretty slow day back with Elder Halter. Hah..right when we have a good day elder halter isnt there to enjoy it. But sometimes its good to suffer in the sun a little, you learn patience. We need to find more people but we have some pretty cool people we are sharing with. We had like 6 investigators commited to go to church and none came...but thats how it goes sometimes! We found one that we were teaching sunday afternoon after a whole week without seeing him (he was in santiago with a friend) and had a great lesson and he choose his own baptismal date because he actually wants to get baptised. 
With Elder Clarine we taught this older lady and we got like 3 minutes into the Restauration when we figured out she had memory problems...haha we kind of gave up because she couldnt understand anything and then she told us 4 times that she likes to drink a cup of tea every morning with exactly 3 wafer cookies. haha it was sad but kinda funny not gonna lie. A recient convert who is 14 wanted to go visit people with us so we went to a lesson with another kid but he wasnt there. Normally, a younger kid doesnt help much in lessons so i was hesistant to go to an adult with him, but i decided it would be cool for him so we went and the convert ended up helping us a ton with scriptures he learned in seminary!! Haha i forgot that Joseph Smith was also 14 when he had a vision that changed the world. So that was legit. Wow i dont know what else but it just seems like a fun week! Love you all and hope you are helping and praying for the missionaries in your own ward.
Elder Farnsworth

We made pizza shout out to mom for teaching me and using my legit star wars socks!

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