Monday, November 16, 2015

A Transfer to the Country!!

CAMBIOS!! (Transfers lol)
Guys....drumroolllllllllll!!! i got changed and im in the country in a little town!!!!! ayyy one of the few parts of our mission like this. Im so stoked its legit. And im with Elder Agudelo from Colombia!! Hes legit hes 24 (why are all my comps way older, oh well i need to mature) and hes in his third change! We are gonna kill it. haha and Elder Brady from Queen Creek (who was in my ward for 7 months) is zone leader!! im stokeddd. Its legit hot here (ok not really but im already used to santiagos climate) and there isnt air conditioning. we have bikes!! 
Wow this week was hard cause they told us that both of us were leaving on Thursday!! that was way early so it was hard to stay focused. But now im super excited to be here. Gerardo (the teenager that got baptized) was confirmed this week and received the priesthood. We participated in both of those and he was soooo happy. There were a bunch of stake members there to prepare for ward conference AND the primary program so the attendance doubled! And everyone congradulated him! it was so legit. 
I dont have much to say this week, but i want to share with you the importance of not judging people. We are all imperfect and all tempted. It is easy to see the bad things in people and be prideful, but now my goal is see the good in everyone and forget the bad. Especially people i wont see for a long time. I want to be humble enough to learn from every person and see their potential. I love this gospel, i love my family and i know that i can live with an eternal family one day thanks to the priesthood power.
Elder Farnsworth

My companion. and Elder Prince from my group taking a selfie in the bus that took us to the new zone.

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