Monday, November 2, 2015

Haha halloween is the dumbest holiday but oh well. half the people here hate it and say it is the devils holiday and all the other churchs are against it. i dunno. But the ward here had a party, we went at 9 when it started to see it but we left before many people got there. Nice missionary work mom!! haha we´re gonna have a reference for the elders when i get back!! that means you have to keep sending me stuff so the guy at the post office asks more!!
So the questions: What is the average attendance in sacrament meeting? Well it depends in the ward a lot but in this word, it is usually 85 people.
And, what do you usually get fed for dinner and how often? Also depends on the ward but the thing is we always eat lunch with members. Dinner doesnt really exist in chile. But here we eat every day with members changing every day, and we eat a lot of soups and noodles too. There is always bread and some days we eat rice with chicken or meat. There are a few typical chilean dishes that are hard to explain haha but now in summer we are going to eat a lot of watermelon and dishes made of corn.
This week we hope to have a baptism of a teenage who started coming with his girlfriend. At first he just kind of listened but didnt understand much, now he loves learning more and goes to mutual, seminary, family nights and everything. He wants to serve a mission! Kind of like the story of my boy Isaac!! We are really excited! 
So today i have 16 months in the mission. ITs going by so fast and i love being here more and more every day. No matter what happens, i just feel happy. This is the true gospel, i have no doubt of it. Love all of you.
Elder Farnsworth
one more question that Larry Blomquist asked:  
In his letter last week he asked for questions and I just thought of one. Does he like empanadas?  
Curt's answer to Larry:
Yes, I love empanadas of every kind haha they are amazing!

                           Elder Roper (utah) and Elder Sandoval (chile) with me and my comp
                                      DJ ing at the ward party that hadnt even started haha

       Some pictures that someone posted on Facebook.  Nice costume Elder Farnsworth!

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