Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey mom and fammm!
So its definitely warming up and im happy. but the bad thing is that the summer flys..and before i know it, winter is going to be close and ill be going home. bad thought...ya but haha this week was legit. I dont know, now i just feel like every week was amazing. But this week we had Stake conference here and it was pretty good! Elder Norambuena was here (chilean Seventy member) and our mission president spoke too! The church was full and i saw so many people from my first ward again. I love being in this stake haha! 
So I forget a lot of stuff that happens in the week and there is stuff im just used to now but i want you guys to send me like a question of the week or something to help me write what you want to hear if anyone has a question about whats chile like, whats the mission like, or any sort of question. just send it to me and ill try to answer it in the main letter! 
But this week we had a lesson with a teenage we are teaching that has been going to the church a lot with his friend. He passed the date he had for baptism and didnt feel ready, but this lesson we had with him, he sat down and just straight up told us ``i dont know how to explain it, but im just ready now. i want to get baptised``!!!! it was legit haha and we were talking and he said the soonest that he can get baptised, he´s ready! so he´ll probably be getting baptised this week or next week! We are really hoping he serves a mission. He´s 17 and hes a really good kid. We also met a guy from Peru (Lima) that got here like 3 months ago. He called us and said he went to another church out of our stake and the bishop gave him our number. We thought he was an investigator hahah but we met him and hes a member but didnt go much in Peru and now we wants to go here! He already met the Bishop and some members in Stake conference and we gave him a shirt and tie. 
I love being a missionary here in Chile and there isnt anything i would rather be doing in my life right now. I know this church brings blessings and protection. I love you all and congrats to Brent for getting engaged haha even though hes not gonna wait for me...oh well love you cuzzzz! 
Elder Farnsworth

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