Monday, October 19, 2015

whats up fammmmmm! so someone asked me if ive been to the grand canyon before this week and i definitely thought about you guys being there this week and hiking. Why do you do all of this with me!!? oh well. Thats sweet that Elder or ex elder Janis is living there!! and once again so many changes with missions and marriages haha everyone i know is married or on a mission.
This week we had the chance to receive two elders from the MTC. They leave one day when they are about to go to the field and they go with the elders from another mission. I was with Elder Parsons who is going to Concepción! and Elder Paredes was with Elder Snell who is going to Viña del Mar. It was a great experience and they are going to be great missionaries. They already talked spanish and Elder Parsons taught well in the lesson that we had. (The picture is with him in the subway).
We had the oppurtunity to see Juanito (the kid that got baptised) be confirmed this week by his father! It was so awesome to see his dad baptise and confirm him and see the family so strong. Im waiting for the day that Juan goes on a mission! haha like 10 more years but still! And another investigator that was in church today us an experience in Gospel Principles that she found out that her friend from Peru was here in Chile and her husband left her and her 8 year old daughter. They tried to go back to Peru but could and they were sleeping in the street. On top of everything, this woman is pregnant. Our investigator is really bad off too and actually got help from the ward this week. She told us that she went and found her friend in the street and brought her back to her tiny one room house to live with her and her husband and daughter. We were all amazed that someone that has so little gave so much to another person that had nothing. Now that the ward knows, the Relief Society is seeing what they can do with clothes and food. I love this church and gospel because it is a source of hope and life for people that have nothing else. We can help physically and more importantly spiritually. NO matter what happens to us physically, the most damaging thing is sin. It takes us away from Christ and God and makes us feel unworthy of Their help. I know that repentance exists. Ive seen the important of service. I have know doubt that this is the only true church of Christ on the face of the Earth, no matter how many people attack us with crazy doubts and things saying that the Book of Mormon is nothing more than a fantasy book and that Joseph Smith was nothing more than a lunatic. I know because i feel it every day of my life and i will never deny. I love you guys and i love my Savior.
Elder Farnsworth

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