Monday, October 12, 2015

A Baptism!

So who learned spanish this week in rocky point? nobody? oh ya...haha im so stoked to go to puerto peñasco and speak chilean spanish with my compadres the mexicans! Sounds like a good trip, just a little different. I guess its going to change every year. Chile is really nothing like mexico, not even their spanish.
So it was a pretty great week, and i wouldnt trade it for a week in Rocky Point haha seriously, the mission is amazing i love it. And the cool vacations come after and for now im so stoked to be here. We had a lot things to do this week and one of them was a baptismal interview cause we had a baptism this week! Its a kid named Juan and his parents and family are members and we found out he wasnt baptised and we taught him everything (but he basically knew it all!) and he got baptised this week. It was so awesome and afterwards he said that he felt like God and Jesus were reaching out to him and saying and his mind was iluminated! It was crazy cause hes only 9 but hes a good kid! It was awesome cause a bunch of his family went that arent members or are less active! I sent a picture of him and his dad with us (his dad baptised him!) I know that we can really do a lot just loving and serving other people. You can do it at home, but if you have the chance. the best way to learn and really truly help other people is serving a mission. I love this gospel, i know it is true for myself, and i know the mission is the place that i need to be. I love you all family! 
Elder Farnsworth

Juan with his dad
Juan`s little cousin that is super awesome haha! 

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