Monday, April 13, 2015

wow well this is the week when Elder Oaks comes! Saturday with Mission North and sunday with the Quilicura Stake! We are already in the last week of the 5 week flown! Ya so with that photo at lunch...we were just really full haha and i dunno we just mess around in lunch with the 4 missionaries so i laid on the ground and elder williams put his head down on the table. we are just full and tired haaha. But thats legit that Alli is going to Idaho but good luck with the cold...
So this week we have a Noche de Hogar which is just Family Home Evening for the Ward and we taught about the apostle to get ready for the conference with Elder Oaks. It was pretty sick and quiet a few people went. We also a Jehova Witness. but that is just a random fact lol. And we taught some Haitians and they gave us food that they were making. Guess what it was. Rice with chicken, but we ate some part of the chicken that i didnt recognize and the chicken foot! haha it is legit just bone and skin but oh well...
I really dont know what we did this week, im kinda tired right now haha we just played volleyball and frisbee with the Zone. There´s a family here that says you guys can stay with them if you come to pick me up haha, which would probably be good cause where they live is basically our neighborhood and there is nothing dangerous at all. but thats a long time from now so dont worry bout it! Ya i love you guys so much and we are doing what we can here. 
Elder Farnsworth

The 4 missionaries in the ward Lo Campino and the Zone! (well the elders from the zone)

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