Monday, April 20, 2015

A New Companion!

Hola familia como esta? koman u ye?
That second part is kreole haha how are you? wow so first off, shoutout!
Happy Birthday Dad (tomorrow)!!!!!!!! You are so old now. but thats okay, you dont show it. 
Congrats Alli! Thats awesome you graduated BYU! 
Katie and Sid, dang it, have fun in Europe. 
And all the accountants in the US, congrats for surviving tax season.
Well it kills me that you just told me that Grandma`s cancer is back..i didnt see that coming. But I have faith in God´s plan for us and His power. If God wants to take the cancer from her, He will bless the doctors and her body to recover, but we dont know His ways and His plans. I know i will see Grandma, and every single one of you again in this life, or the life to come if we just follow our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. 
This week was one of the best weeks every. We had a Conference Saturday with Elder Oaks, his wife, Elder Zeballos and his wife. Elder Zeballos is the Chilean Seventy that spoke in General Conference. It was awesome and they said we need to remember who we are and the eternal plan that God has. We need to convert ourselves to Christ and not to the Church. We got to shake their hands and it was so awesome to be in the same room with him. Then, Sunday, he came to our stake and talked with Elder Cabrera from the Seventy too. He said the First Presidency and 12 Apostles are going to talk more about the Sabath day and the Sacrament this year. He said ''Lets return the Sabath to the Lord''. It was so awesome. And an experience that happened: he stopped talking for a few seconds and said something like ''as the Lords servant, im required to follow the Spirit and act upon his promptings. so i feel inspired now to ask my wife to come up again (she had already talked) and share what she is thinking.'' She got up almost crying and share a scripture that she was thinking about and it was obvious that she was wanting to share the scripture and her thought. Wow the Spirit is so real and talks to us. In her talk, the Sister Oaks, invited us to write down our feelings and not just the words. I talked with like 5 people about the conference afterwards, and we all learned something different in the Conference. the Spirit tells us what we need for our lives. 
Ya so we had changes my companion got called Wednesday last week saying that he was going to Easter Island! So Elder Williams is waiting for his plane to go there now! And Im with Elder Cordova! Hes from Peru and i love him so much cause i already knew him! I watch him be born as they say it in the mission haha that just means i was in his district when he started in Cerro Navia where i was before. His trainer was my District leader and we did exchanges before! There is the new pic with us in our house now and the old pic i took like 3 months ago in Cerro Navia! Hes awesome. Hes been in the mission like 4 months. I told him in the morning that we were going to be comps and then it happened! And when we were in the office i saw 3 people from Galvarino! A member and his daughter came to say bye to another Elder who is going home and another member that i helped reactive drives a taxi and he actually took us back to our house!! That was so awesome. It was a sweet week, i loved it.
I love you guys, hope all is well! 
Elder Farnsworth


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