Monday, April 27, 2015

Hola familia! 
Well sounds fun in Utah! It is starting to get cold here but only in the nights. and mornings. The days are still really hot so a lot of people get sick but so far i feel fine. This week was fun with Elder Cordova! Crazy that i am almost to 10 months in chile..lots of missionaries are finishing their missions now and the mission is going to change a ton because a lot of home and a lot of new ones come! so thats cool i guess haha i hope someone i know can come to chile santiago Norte! We are already almost in may! Wow. 
Well this week was slow at the beginning. Thursday was decent, but still we were in the street a lot. But friday, saturday and sunday started and it was crazy. We were running from lesson to lesson and doing a ton of stuff! I was awesome. I knew we worked hard the first part of the week and so the lord blessed us in the last part of the week. and like you can see in the picture, the members here are so awesome and they gave us 2 chile jerseys! I was amazed when they gave it to us. so thats just a bonus! 
We had one of the coolest experiences in my mission last night. We went to teach an investigator that is going to church a lot, but we can only teach her saturday and sunday because she works in a house watching kids and cleaning for the whole week. We asked her if she had read more in the Book of mormon and she had read 11 chapters! she explained to us clearly about the tree of life and lehi and nephi and even ismael! a member who was there with us said he never taught anyone who understood the book of mormon so fast in his whole mission. I asked her if she believed that the Book was true and if jose smith was a prophet and she said that now she knows that it is true. she didnt know before but now she knows for certain. I was so happy when she said that, i literally felt God´s love for her and for me and for all of us. I saw the change in her life and i feel an even stronger desire to share with everyone and change their lives. I know this church is true and that the Book of mormon was translated by joseph smith by the power of God. I know that the priesthood is found in this church and that we can follow a latter day prophet of God. I dont know why i didnt share these things with my friends before. I regret it now and for any of you that are reading this wants to know why I know these things or want to feel the same happiness that i feel, please find the missionaries in you neighborhood or a friend who is from the church or visit and read the Book of mormon. I love the mission and i love my Savior who died for me, but rose the third day. I love all of you and want the best for you. and i leave my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Farnsworth

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