Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hola familia!
Happy Easter and the real birth of Jesus! What an awesome week. Well to answer questions, basically everyone here watches it (conference) in the church in the stake center that just happens to be our ward building! And there was a room for English and for French (because Creole doesnt exist for translation) for the Haitians! Yes, we watched all the sessions and for the time change, we watched at 1,5, and priesthood session at 9 at night! Wow we got home at like 11:20 because a member drove us. Otherwise we would have been walking so long haha. And Elder Zeballos who talked from Chile, is part of the South American South Area and he was with our mission for the Christmas devotional and we all shook his hand :) haha hes awesome. 
But the conference was soo awesome! They talked so much about Familes and the Temple and missionaries/reciently returned missionaries. And there is going to be a temple in HAITI!! There were like 5 hatians there watching when they announced it and one who is a return missionary from Haiti said that he is going to go back to Haiti to work on the temple and that is all he wants. I wish you guys could meet some Hatians, They are here in Chile looking for a better life because of the earthquake in 2010 and they are working all day long every day just to get on here, even when they were doctors and laywers and accountants in their home country. They have to learn spanish, when they all already know creole and french, and most of them know english too. Its amazing, and their country deserves a temple. We have one hatian investigator in the conference! I dont know if i told you but when we teach anyone from Haiti, we go with an ex missionary (other who served in Haiti and has like 5 months in Chile) and he helps us teach in Creole. He has so much faith, he talks with everyone and invites all the haitians he sees to listen to us and to go to church. He is so awesome! We know so little of their language but we still can feel the spirit in the lesson and we know that they do too!
Well this week we had Zone Conference too so there was a ton of conferences and not a lot of time. But we learned a lot in the Conference with Presidente Videla and Hermana Videla. This time here has flown, we are already in the fifth week of the change..and two more weeks until the visit of Elder....OAKS! We confirmed that it was him that is coming to Chile so thats awesome. 
I love you all and miss you! I hope you are going to the temple and doing everything the prophet has asked us too. My request from all of you now is a picture of you and your husband/wife (if you have one, if not, return missionaries, get married already lol) at the temple going for a session! I know this is what the Lord wants us to do because He told us through His prophets this weekend. Love all of you, que estén bien for lack of words in english sorry.
Elder Farnsworth

And pictures from random parts in the sector lol a sketchy road we decided to walk to go to church instead of the normal way and Valle Lo Campino Hill.
a few words he wrote to Curtis:

Conference was awesome!! Wow it went by so fast i cant believe that it ended. I feel like every session was 20 minutes. The prophet didnt talk a lot but of well. There were a lot of good talks by Seventy members and everything. Did you hear the people yell no against the sustaining of the prophet? crazy but what can we do..
Cesar and Carito are two recient converts that were baptised like just before we got there. They are peruvian and we ate lunch with them that day that you saw. It is a juice made with honeydew, not kiwi. It was the first time i tried it. They are awesome, that family! and we are teaching cesar´s sister now who came from Peru like 3 weeks ago!

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