Monday, July 13, 2015

Ya so we had the actual transfers today but we both stayed. SO i dont know whats up with my last sector but ill find out who is there hopefully. A ton of missionaries went home today and not that many are coming but oh well!
Thats soo awesome that Ryan is going and Brent is home now! Miss the whole family but I know they will all be there in 11 months more haha! And i know we are all gonna live together in the Celestial Kingdom eating mexican food and doing our awesome traditions! Wow, 2 years? Felicitaciones a Katie y a Sid! Doesnt seem that long! 
So it rained a ton sunday...i hate the chilean rain haha its so cold but it actually wasnt that bad, i was all wrapped up as you can see in the picture. And we wonder why they think we are the CIA...hhaha all black everything! But it was still a slower week. My companion kinda got sick in an exchange. We arent sure but we think its because we ate pig head (ill send a picture!) and he ate the eye...Haha but hes all good now. I love him hes so crazy! But we had some sweet lessons. One was with a family last night and the son doesnt really know if God exists but he wants to study all the religions. He read a lot of stuff on the internet about Mormons but then he watched ``Meet the Mormons'' in English (he lived in New Zealand and hes so legit) and realized the internet lied about our religion. We taught them about the Restauration and he wants to know more! They are really good people. 
So there is a family here in the ward and the wife´s cousin lives in my old sector and i helped her husband come back to church when i was there! He came over and ate lunch with us (when we had lunch with his wife´s cousin) and it was so legit to talk with him. He has a calling now and hes visiting less active people! That was so awesome to see him and talk about my old ward. I know that this work is hard but its so worth it! Its sweet to see people changing and see myself changing all the time! I love you guys and hope you all can make changes in your own life every day! 
Elder Farnsworth


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