Monday, July 27, 2015

So got some news.....!!!! We only have an hour to write now! so that basically just means that i cant write as many friends now or just have to print some of the long letters out or i dunno..but oh well! 
Yes, i got the postcards from Katie and Sid and i got a normal letter from Papa not a Dear Elder, i think it might be fasted and i like it more! I love papa for writing me so much! Didnt get the package but maybe this week! 
So its pretty cold but just in the morning and nights. And the houses here just have little heaters (like at Grammy´s house) with an open flame but we cant have that as missionaries so we just have a little electric heaters..Gets pretty warm in the study room with two heaters but the rest of the house is cold haha but all good! 
This week we taught a family that the missionaries were teaching before me but this was the first time i had gone. We read Alma 37 with them and we were able to simply explain the importance of going to church and my companion explained that the people in the church litterally needed them and that they will welcome new people with open arms and it was so cool! They wanted to go really bad and told us to call them in the morning as many times as it took to wake them up haha. My comp said he saw a change in them that he hadnt seen before. Unfortunately, the dad´s phone was turned off Sunday morning and they didnt go...we arent sure why but they seem like a great family.
Something I learned is that every person and member is a part of the body or the church and if we were all the most important parts (the arms or legs or head, or in the church, the bishop or stake president, etc) then the body wouldnt work that well. We need small parts like the nose or fingers and stuff to make it all work. The church works like a body or a car, with a lot of parts together. The family works the same. We cant do it alone and it doesnt make sense either. I also learned that the weakest parts (less active members) are the most important for the body and church. Let us reach out to our friends and brothers. Let us make the most of our calling and love our neighboors. Let us share our blessings and the knowledge we have with someone that doesnt have this knowledge. MY challenge for you all is, this week, pray for a missionary oppurtunity every morning and night and look for this oppurtunity. Tell someone about the church and give them a Book of Mormon or a church movie and then invite them later to talk to the missionaries is your own house. I know that each and every one of you that does this can find one or more of your friends or neighboors with whom you can share the Gospel. I know this church is true and there isnt any other true church on the face of the earth because it was taken off the earth when the people rejected Christ and His Apostles. But i know that Joseph Smith prayed, and saw God and Jesus Christ and that he was called to be a prophet and was given the Authority again. 
I love you all and miss you a lot.
Elder Farnsworth
Pictures: We had a clogged drain so i went at it with some crazy chemical stuff and put a scarf to protect my face haha. And some random crazy picture with my homie Elder Simmons


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