Monday, May 18, 2015

Hola familia,
Wow, two funerals in one week! But thats good that you were able to see a few family members and remember about Grandma Hanna. My last greatgrandparent! But a lot of people never even met one grandparent. 
This week was crazy for us too! We were teaching a ton! We needed another companionship to work our one sector this week haha but it was awesome. The norm for the mission is normally no less than 20 lessons (total) in the week and the goal is 30. We taught 34 lessons this week after a low week the last week! And we really saw the blessings of our diligence. 5 out of the 5 recent converts went to the church, 4 investigators and a lot of less actives that we visited in the week. The ward is really working too. In Elders Quorom we talked about the Book of mormon and how can we fill the world with this book. The Quorom is selecting one person every week to give away a Book of Mormon. We are really seeing a spirit of missionary work in the ward and thats going to make it grow. 
Sorry the letter is going to be a little short because im tired and dont remember a lot of details of the week haha it was crazy. I just want to invite you all to try and share a Book of Mormon with a friend or a co worker. A lot of people with see that it means something to you and your family if you share it with love. But you cant share it if you dont know that it is true. I invite all of you to continue gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon, asking God in your prayers at least once a week, even if you already know it is true. This will help you remember why you go to church and keep the commandments. And you will be able to share with other people easier. I know this church is true and that the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith and that Thomas S Monson is a prophet in these days. I love you all, and miss you, but time is flying here so its all good!
Love Elder Farnsworth

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