Monday, May 11, 2015

So Dia de la Madre was pretty chill haha. We went to church and then had a barbaque with a family and then SKYPE. It was awesome this time. It was so cool to see you all and thanks Katie and Sid for staying up late haha over there in Paris. After that we went with the Haitian member that i told you about and taught a pretty cool lesson. Well i didnt understand everything because they were talking in Creole but i really do understand a lot of it! Its a miracle because i know like 30 words but I can still figure out what they are saying with help from the Spirit of course :)
This week was a little low on the numbers wise but i could really care less because i know we worked every minute that we could. Didnt help that we had to do paperwork stuff for my companion and a few other things that took us away from the sector. BUT, one of those things was the temple so that was so awesome. We went with our whole zone and 1 more to the temple for a session and 
i miss going so much so it was awesome to be able to go again. In the temple, i could really understand the Atonement and that unworthy and unprofitable servants (all of us) can be made clean and worthy and important only through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It was crazy to enter into the temple and be able to think and pray with silence. Im so greatful for the Plan God has for us and that we can be eternal families. 
Like i said yesterday, we had exchanges with our district leader and my companion was in our sector. He struggles to learn the streets and the people and remember everything. But he went and had the best day that we had this whole week! Dont worry any of you that are new in the mission or new to a calling or feel like you cant do something. The Lord will help the humble and guide them by His Spirit. I love you all, thanks for yesterday and everything you do. I wanted to send pictures but i dont understand whats going on with the computer...sorry.
Love you ! 
Elder Farnsworth

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