Monday, March 23, 2015

Hola familia!!
Well Dad is working like crazy for Tax season and we are working like crazy for new investigators and to just survive basically! Haha we had an awesome week though! Well i dont remember if i told you but my companion sings good so the mission asked him to sing in a mission choir for the Conference with the Apostle. (There is a mission conference with the apostle and then we have luck because he is coming to our Stake Quilicura for other conference). So anyways, my companion has to go to the office every Tuesday and Friday in the morning and I have exchanges with Elder Carillo those days! And this week we had an exchange (or whatever the gringo elders call it in english) with our Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Richardson in our sector and we taught some haitians because he knows Creole pretty good. And we ordered pizza because why not :)
In the week, we wanted to fast to find new investigators. We put the goal at the beggining of the week for like 4 new people i think. And the end of the week, we had 9. I think we can say that fasting works! Wow it was so cool this week. So the Mission has norms for numbers and the Zone has other norms and goals. In our zone, they have a norm for people with baptismal date, lessons with members, new investigators, and investigators progressing (go to church and have a date for baptism). They are decent goals and this week, we did all of them! We had two in the church who are soooo good. One is the sister of a recent convert and she just came from Peru Monday. We met her tuesday, taught another day, and she went to church and wants to learn everything! Another one that went is a friend of a less active and he asked her about her church and went to church alone (like 3 weeks ago). Elder Williams and I taught them for like the second time because the other elders left and they both went this week! Wow it was a good week but there is still so much more to do here. The Sector is hard because everyone works sooo much and the mornings and early afternoon, there isnt anything. But of well, we just need to keep finding people from the Members and their friends. I imagine that our ward is probably similar. The missionaries might be struggling for lack of people to teach. Help them out! Dont be scared, just tell them about your friends or less actives in the ward that maybe they dont know of! OK family, this is basically what i remember from the week, love you all! 
Elder Farnsworth

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