Monday, March 30, 2015

Another English Teacher in the Family.....

Hola Familia y Amigos,
Yes, we did start english class this week again in this sector. How did you know mom, is there something on Facebook? And the Hermana that put a picture up is who we eat lunch with now! haha we pay here a little bit every day to eat there. She cooks really good. I told her to add me lol. Maybe you should change my name on FB to Elder Farnsworth so it is easier to find me. And really, Olivia is going to Conce?! AYY Chile la lleva. haha thats so sick maybe i can go to the MTC when she is there, who knows. Probably not they are kinda strict on that. Elder Garner (who was in the airport in arizona when i left) is there and he will have a year when she gets to the MTC. wow that means ill have a year too...Crazy. This week, i have 9 months. Wow. So we taught English class like i said and like 7 people went! There were 2 haitians there and I tried to learn a little creole lol but i only learned like 2 things. A guy that thought we prayed to Johnny Smith was there and we had the chance to clear up some things and explain that we arent weirdos that worship men! Haha it was a good class and we hope to see more people. And one of the investigators went to the church again and has friends already and loves it! We basically have to wait till after the conference and the visit from the apostle for her baptism but its okay! The other investigator didnt go because his friend (who is less active) had a few problems in the morning and he is really shy and didnt want to go alone..We are worried about it but we are going to keep going with members to help fellowship him. We are soo blessed in the sector for our diligence these weeks. We are going home dead and barely taking time for the dinner because we are just working and walking and teaching. We had a lot of lessons with members present this week and we found 10 new people. Its just crazy knowing that we arent doing anything. The Lord is litterally just putting things in our path. And i know there is even more waiting for us. BE DILIGENT. Especially you missionaries. Work and knock doors or walk or talk or do whatever you can even if you think that there will be nothing or its not worth it. Because even if nothing happens right away, God will bless you guys with something else later on in the week. I know that this is the key to missionary work, diligence and following the Spirit. I love you guys, i hope you have a great conference weekend and have the answers to your questions. 
Sorry the computer doesnt like my camera again im going to find a way eventually to send pictures.
Elder Farnsworth

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